Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Rocks 4 Life features a timeless mixture of hand-crafted gemstone jewelry and stones. We’re truly a family business, many generations back. Each piece is unique, with much time and love invested. We seek to bring out the beauty and uniqueness of each stone. What began as a passion/hobby for collecting rocks in our great northwest has evolved into a mission to share the mystery and intrigue of our earth's natural treasures in the form of wearable art.

• The Rocks 4 Life family •


 Melissa, Dick, Julie, Mindy and Monica in Tucson for our annual trip to the International Rock and Gem Show (2014) 


Julie at the Portland Expo Center (2016)


Melissa at the Mcminnville Sip! Wine Festival (2015)


 Dick working in the R4L shop


Monica and Julie at the Redmond Holiday Food & Gift show (2016)


Collection of Oregon Picture Jaspers


Dick at the Oregon Sunstone mine (2015)